Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swimming in the BIG pool

We are SO thankful for cousins with an incredible pool in town! It has really helped us beat the heat this summer. It's fun to see the kids have so much fun in the water, too--Oliver is slowly gaining confidence, and it's all we can do to keep Lily in a life jacket! Gotta keep our eyes on that girl!

Lily's favorite thing is to J-U-M-P into the pool and "go underwater". (She gets upset if she DOESN'T go under.) It's hilarious how she jumps a HUGE jump and jams her feet out to get more distance. She's now started adding a spin so that she enters the water backwards or partially laying down. She calls it a 'belly flop'.

(*Oh, and YES she's wearing her swimsuit backwards. She dressed herself and refused to turn it around.)

Oliver is getting really good at going underwater and 'swimming'. He still really keeps to the shallow end where he can hold on...but is SO much better in the water than he was last year!

And here's a video of Lily jumping off the diving board. She'd jump, then swim (in her life jacket) to the ladder and get out. Wow, that girl is fearless!


Amanda said...

that was so cute to watch that video of lily! We had a blast tonight! Thanks!

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Wow -- I can't believe how fearless Lily is...Luke takes more of the "careful Ollie approach" -- which I'm O.K. with :) I guess it's those first child boys.

Julie said...

Wow. Lily is so brave. Ori would NEVER do that . . . but Calla? She might be more like Lily? ha! So cute.

Renea said...

Hi Kendall, I happened upon your blog a few weeks ago and have been having so much fun reading your fun posts. I really have to laugh because I think Lily and Rayne could really be best friends - they seem so much alike in their fearlessness, their persistance to do (and wear) what they want to do (and wear, or not wear) and of course, their love for their big brother. I love that our house is not the only one in town where the wild-haired-short-girl is usually the one in charge. I know Rayne has definitely taught me more about "picking our battles" than I ever imagined with Colt. :o )
I think Lily and Rayne would have so much fun playing together. Thanks for the smiles today, I needed it.