Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Since the summer has been, a bit, *warm* so far, we got our pool out early...and swim in it OFTEN. Actually, our poor pool from last year bit the dust, so we bought a new one at the end of May...and now that one is on it's last leg, too.

But either way--water is FUN!!! And the kids love to run, and jump, and splash and play in it.

Oliver bought a snorkeling set with his birthday money (and bought Lily one, too) so they spend their time looking for sharks and other assorted tropical fish underwater. (He's gotten quite good at putting his face in the water, thanks to that $5 set!)

Lily likes the water, but prefers to jump in, jump out, and run to find comfort in her towel. (It's much like a glorified "blankie" to her). Her favorite spot is on the trampoline, laying in the sun. (But usually covered up by the towel)
(this is a happy face...)

They also love to run as FAST as they can and JUMP into the pool--splashing all the water out. One day, they decided to do it together:

"One, two, three....GO!"

We LOVE swimming!!!

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