Saturday, September 4, 2010

Camping Day!

Last Thursday at our house was Camping Day. Taylor and Mason joined us again for a fun morning 'roughing it' outside. (Again, I totally stole several ideas from Julie for this one!)

We set up our tent and had sleeping bags inside it for the kids to camp out. Unfortunately, my camera is dying, so I don't have pictures that I can show for that.

But Amanda did bring hers to document more fun activities we did! (These were all taken by her!)

Making Texture Bears:

We used flour, sand, and coffee grounds. We painted the glue on, which was a bit messy--but they did turn out pretty cute.

We also went on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. These binoculars definitely came in handy--those feathers were tricky to see with the naked eye!

We also enjoyed a picnic--complete with picnic basket and play food. (This was the point I had to haul out my pack and play so that Lily would stop throwing food/utensils/plates/cups/anything she could get her hands on in to the pool. *sigh*

We ended with a yummy lunch of watermelon, hot dogs, beans, chips and CapriSuns--perfect camping food, if you ask me!

*This was SUCH a fun way to spend a morning! I will definitely plan more of these--but I may wait until summer. With preschool 3 mornings a week--we stay plenty busy during the school year!


Julie said...

You were so smart to do that craft outside unlike me who had to sweep and vacuum the kitchen afterwards. :-) I'm glad you had fun! We copied some of your fish day ideas but I didn't take pictures. We were all kinda sick that day.

I also have to add that your part about Lily throwing things into the pool and bringing out the pack and play made me smile. Sigh. I can relate.

Courtney e said...

I forgot about that blue and yellow picnic set. I gave that to you for your wedding...
Looks like a blast!! Thanks for letting us use your camping stuff this weekend! We had by far the easiest set up around!

Steven said...

Those kids really had fun. You sure know how to give interesting activities to kids, well, it's a borrowed idea but it's still great :) Love the craft, it's so cute and your menu really fits the situation. More power!