Monday, September 20, 2010

For those Near and Far...

It's fun to see what the kids really get into.

Ollie, for example, is still REALLY into worship leading. Most days he dresses up as a worship leader and plays guitar and sings and preaches and prays. He brought his guitar to Andrew Peterson the other night...but unfortunately wasn't called up on stage like he had hoped.

Here he is jamming on the drums and clapping.

He also LOVES airplanes suddenly. Luckily, with a car, a rubber band, and a long yardstick, you can make yourself an AWESOME airplane.

(That's how he goes anyplace now, too...with his wings out and his engine running)

Lily is into things, too. Most are of the destructive nature, but we're slowly seeing her play more, instead of just destroy. (As a sidenote, here are few examples of her recent destructive-ness: She pulled a huge pile of stuffing out of a large stuffed duck during naptime one day, she has [twice!] taken off her clothes AND diaper during naps and then...ummm....wet the bed, and she tears apart most books that she gets her hands on, therefore, we're back to board books)
Oh, and this giant yellow duck? She really wants to take it to bed with her--but I have yet to fix it. This afternoon, after I put her down, she sat in her crib and yelled, "Duck! Where are you?" (which actually sounds like, "Duh, weh-ah-ooo?")

But anyway--she does have some new hobbies...

She loves her baby. She is good at rocking her baby and saying,"Shhhh, quiet!"

She loves to 'help' with dishes...

She's great at running...(sometimes TOO great)

And she is definitely learning new words. She is FUNNY. She has this infectious laugh that just gets Ollie going. And I love it, too.

On another note...what do you get a guy for his 31st birthday when all he wants is work boots? Ideas, please! (I mean, BESIDES work boots)


Courtney e said...

i love those kids.

and you can go in on my gift for joel if you'd like... remember what it is???

Tyler, Erin, Addilyn, Asher Johnson said...

good socks? shoe weatherproofer?

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I didn't realize that was an airplane the other day when I dropped Lukey off :) Also, I think I've told you this, but I did know that Ollie was into airplanes because he's "flown" me to Chicago and back -- two times! I hope Lily is feeling better after this morning at my house...I felt so bad. I didn't know what to do.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

An Andrew Peterson CD? I have an extra copy of his new one if you'd like! $10