Tuesday, September 14, 2010


That's what I really need today. I too easily get thrown into a tailspin by misbehaving children and a slightly critical email. These things consume my thoughts and make me immediately doubt whether I'm fit to be a mother at all.

I especially hate when these days come on one of my full days at home with the kids. (By the way, I LOVE my 3-morning a week work schedule!) But it frustrates me a lot when I have such rough days on my days off.

I was really thankful to read this today, in "My Utmost for His Highest":

"The things that Jesus did were of the most menial and commonplace order, and this is an indication that it takes all God's power in me to do the most commonplace things in His way."

It is HARD to be at home with little children. It is hard to clean and cook and discipline when there don't seem to be any lasting results. My natural response is to just shut down and give up.

But this reminds me that I can't do this well on my own. It is only through the strength God gives me (and maintaining that relationship with Him DAILY) that I can do this well.

For today, that is a huge encouragement.


Anonymous said...

these are simply some of the BEST YEARS and the important years....don't forget to ENJOY THEM~

Every stage with children is challenging and wonderful...but don't forget to pause and appreciate how fortunate you are to be able to spend so much time at home with your spunky and delightful and beautiful children! You are an awesome mama...but it is not a competition!

Aaron and Shannon said...

I struggle with this too! It's hard being away from my little ones all day and then coming home and trying to balance it all! You are an inspiration, Kendall!

Courtney e said...

you are the most patient mother I know! you rock. plus you have stellar kids... love ya!

Sheryl Kenoyer said...

I cannot begin to tell you how you spoke to me today. While my struggle is not the same as yours, it also is in the "everyday" common category and I thank you for sharing. I need to remember that God is God - and I am not. I cannot do anything on my own. My strength is nothing - zero - without Him!

Chad and Jody said...

I definitely have felt this at home and work lately. Thanks for the perspective. It helps to be reminded.