Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Joel!

I hope that for your 31st birthday,
All your wildest dreams come true:

The Bears win Monday night,
Notre Dame wins on Saturday, too.
The Cubs win the World Series,
And you dominate basketball at noon.

I'll feed you gummy worms for supper,
And make you a root beer float,
You can get some new work boots,
and an insulated work coat.

The kids will give you candy,
And won't even ask for a bite--
And we'll watch the season premier of 'The Office',
All on your special night.

Happy Birthday Joel!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Happy Birthday, Joel! And Kendall, that's quite a poem :) I'm thinking that the kids might just ask Joel for candy, though...unless they're in bed!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Joel. And Kendall, I agree with Sarah, that is quite the poem. Made me smile.

Brad, Kara, & Braden Janzen said...

Happy Birthday, Joel! What a creative wife you have! Hope your day was great.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Joel! Look how cute you guys are in the picture! :)