Monday, September 13, 2010

State Fair Fun

We have made it a (mandatory) tradition that we attend the State Fair each year. It started out as a food thing...and, come to think of it, it's still completely about the food. (But the kids have fun with it, too.)

We went Friday evening and ate supper before to make sure we didn't totally gorge ourselves. Although, I suppose supper at McDonald's completely misses the point...

The highlights:

The big slide (Lily tried it out with Joel this year!)
(she was a little freaked out...but kept saying 'more, more!' when they got to the bottom!)

The digging machine (where the kids found real money, and won a prize afterwards!)

The tractors and mowers

The train ride (Ollie begged to go on this--he's really becoming brave!)

And animals. (these cute piglets were in the birthing center)


We stayed a long time and the kids did really well! Then, we drove home to constant lightning in the distance. It was incredible.

We look forward to this every year--especially with such fun friends! (Thanks Balzers and Macs!)


The Sieberts said...

we're headed there tonight for $1 night-we're cheap :o) AND we too will eat somewhere before hand...probably McDonald's :o)

Amy Warden said...

How fun!! Our girls would LOVE this!